Fading tattoos with TCA

Fading tattoos with TCA

Getting a chemical peel at a spa that contains TCA is similar to a chemical peel for tattoos that use TCA. TCA is an acid that is used to help smooth the skin, can remove dead skin, and can make the skin peel so that new skin will regenerate.

TCA is an acronym for Trichloroacetic acid. This acid is being used in tattoo removal treatments that can be performed in some local spas/salons. TCA is less expensive when compared to treatments like laser, but TCA can be potentially harmful. There are some studies and consumer feedback indicating that side effects are associated with this acid. Acids like TCA may have the potential to burn or scar the skin. Many spas will claim that TCA peels will not cause scarring. Consumers will be devastated and angry when they begin to develop scarring.


When a skin peel is applied to the skin, it may make your skin feel itchy temporarily until the peel has fully dried on the skin. Once it is dry the TCA peel will be removed. The peel will then remove dead skin and breaks up the pigment of your tattoo. You will begin to notice results in a matter of time. Smaller tattoos will be removed quicker than larger tattoos.

If you are considering treatments like TCA peels you should attend a spa or salon. It is recommended to do so that way you are using the product as suggested. Individuals who use at home tattoo removal skin peel options often encounter negative side effects more frequently then when a trained professional applies the product. To compare TCA to non-treatment options, please visit http://tattoo-removal-support.com/

Fading products such as tattoo fading gels are promoted to help save you money. They are often more affordable than TCA peels and there are some products that have no known side effects associated to the product. Products that have not been reported to promote negative or harmful effects are the best options on the market.

Tattoo fading gels are often marketed to reduce the look of tattoos in a few months. Some gels are marketed for use on all tattoos colors, such as black or colored inks. Products that are intended for all skin types are recommended for use. Please use the take a look here link to see a list of products that are promoted for all skin types.

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